Travel API Integration


What is travel API?

In layman’s terms, Travel API is a collection of web services that aggregate best-in-class travel transactions and content from global travel providers, such as hotel APIs, flight APIs, travel APIs, car APIs, and bus APIs, rail APIs, etc. Travel agencies, tour operators, and destination management companies use these APIs to offer their customers the best selection of travel deals. With the Travel API, travel agents can easily access any type of travel-related information, including hotels, flights, and more.

How a travel API works?

There are two main categories of travel APIs, and the most commonly used travel APIs are hotel and flight bookings. All hotels and flights are connected to one or more GDS systems to sell their hotel rooms or air tickets online, with regular updates on their prices, availability, etc. Now this GDS system has a large number of suppliers in different countries using this GDS system with different interfaces.

B2B interface: Suppliers directly connect to these GDS systems by paying operational deposits and annual fees, getting hotel inventory or air tickets for that GDS, and starting selling.

White Label Interface: Some GDSs allow suppliers to provide a white-label interface directly and allow suppliers to book directly through their website.

API interface: Suppliers can have their front-end websites, and can obtain hotel inventory or air tickets from GDS through this API interface, to obtain different details of suppliers, such as availability, prices, etc.

Travel API Providers

Flight Booking API

The Flight API is a set of web services for accessing flight transactions from various flight suppliers and consolidators. The Flight API enables airlines, travel agents, tour companies, and tour operators to access global flight transactions and content, such as round-trip, en-route, multi-city, and group booking combinations. The Flights API directly allows travel agents to integrate all flight-related content from multiple flight providers, offering their customers the best-curated flight deals and competitive airfares. We offer flight API integration in your new or existing online travel website. Flight API Provider actively participates in constantly upgrading flight content to stand out from the competition. Flight API integration connects travel agents with all leading airlines. Flight API integration is one of the trusted and effective global distribution systems that enable travel portals to provide all services in one place. The Flight API consolidates all flight services in one place, helping travelers find the most convenient deals.

Flight API Providers has an extensive flight inventory fleet, from low-cost airlines to luxury flights. Our Flight API contains flight content from major airlines, low-cost airlines, hybrid airlines, and corporate fleets. The Flight API will help travel agents sell a large inventory of flights, expand globally, and increase revenue.

Flight booking API providers offer flight API benefits:

The best way is to go digital to increase your business revenue and generate more leads. You can easily digitize your travel business using our travel API. With more and more facilities on the bus, it has become the preferred way to get from one place to another. But with people’s busy schedules and the increasingly digital age, online bus ticket booking has become more convenient for individuals. All you need to do is contact your travel agent and provide some basic information to book your flight quickly and easily. With the proliferation of online bus bookings today, this is your best chance to create your own online bus booking website with the lowest fees and highlights. The industry has been around for a while and now all the big travel companies are pushing their services to capture this ever-expanding sector of the industry. Our fast, easy and flexible bus booking API lets you connect directly to all the inventory you need to build your existing website or app where you need it. Your customers can access extraordinary facilities from anywhere in the world through our bus API. API Bus API allows you to seamlessly include transportation ticket search and booking into your existing site or platform. Access to top private traffic controllers and government transport agencies across India.

Car Booking API

Car API, also known as Rental Car API, Taxi Booking API, or Car Booking API, is a service that allows travel agencies to search for available car deals and easily manage car rental reservations. With the Car API, a dealer or agency can quickly access or track car availability and rental activity at their location. The Car Booking API is a software component of a car booking service provider’s website that allows travel agencies to search for quality car deals and manage car rental bookings. The Car Booking API works by providing car availability and rental activity to users looking for such information online.

Hotel Booking API

Hotel API is a web service that provides online functionality for searching and booking hotels. These hotel APIs manage room rates, availability, and various accommodations, enabling you to provide your customers with the best options for their ideal stay in a specific city. It will execute on your travel portal and integrate multiple payment gateways, improving customer experience. The Hotel API is also known as the Hotel Reservation API.

Hotel API is developed on an existing travel portal based on the needs of travel agencies and fetches hotel data from global hotel suppliers to simplify hotel search and booking processes to provide the best customer experience. Worldwide, hotels have many room types, images, and facilities. Our developers bring you the best hotel API, providing you with real-time hotel prices and availability, and hotel reservation/cancellation reports. Through these integrations of the Hotel API, travel agencies can obtain all hotel data from global hotel suppliers, such as hotel details such as hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel room rate, hotel room accessibility, hotel amenities, and other features. With these hotel APIs, travel agents can book hotels directly through online booking portals. It also provides customers with additional hotel search and booking capabilities based on price, star rating, and reviews.

Benefits of Hotel booking API:

The Travel API allows travel agencies to get updated inventory of flights, hotels, car rentals, and more from various aggregators. It increases traffic to your travel website or app and can show customers the best flight or hotel options.

No separate inventory management and maintenance

Online travel agencies (OTAs) provide APIs that developers can use to add flight bookings, hotel accommodations, and other amenities to websites. This way, individual travel agencies do not have to manage and maintain their travel inventory.

Increase customer engagement and retention

When a customer lands on your travel website to search for a flight or hotel reservation, the API ensures that the customer is not redirected to another travel website. API integration ensures your travel agency receives all payments through a secure gateway.

Easy to implement and smooth booking experience

The Travel API integrates seamlessly with existing travel websites or applications and works perfectly with third-party programs. It allows travel agencies to integrate flight booking APIs, hotel booking APIs, and other APIs without affecting functional processes.

So, these are some of the main benefits your business can get from a travel API implementation. All you need to do is choose the best travel API provider for your business. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a travel API service provider for your business.

Best Travel API Integration service provider in India – Quicktouch Technologies

Quicktouch Technologies is one of the best travel API integration service providers in India. We provide travel API services for online travel booking and reservation systems, ensuring the best flight, hotel, bus, or car booking prices for all travel needs. We provide effective travel portal development solutions for small and medium travel businesses that are cost-effective and exceed expectations. We at Quicktouch provide a wide range of travel API integrations, including GDS providers and 3rd party travel API providers. Travel API integration gives you access to thousands of third-party travel inventory and offers. By offering various travel products as separate services or packages, this could be an opportunity to become the online destination of choice for travelers and B2B travel agents.

List of API integration services we offer:

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