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What is B2B (Business to Business) Website?

A B2B website is defined as a commercial website that provides services to other businesses online. Its primary purpose is to provide companies with services, software, content or other products. The task of a B2B website is more complex. They seek to attract businesses to buy their products or services. B2B sites focus on gradual lead conversion. Their sales funnel is made up of many parts. For example, Grammarly, Dropbox, and Pics.io are some examples of B2B websites.

Types of online B2B Websites

There are several different types of B2B services and therefore various B2B websites. Each type of B2B website presents specific challenges and design considerations.

B2B website for companies

This is the most common situation for B2B websites: your business targets other companies, and your website design considerations will target that customer base. This means your products will be attractively displayed in well-designed product catalogues and easy to use, such as company login, distributor locator or automatic reorder options.

E-Procurement Sites

Also known as e-procurement or supplier exchange. E-procurement websites are set up for niche markets or specific industries. These sites allow corporate purchasing agents to submit requests for proposals, bid on products, and purchase products from suppliers.

B2B eCommerce Broker Sites

B2B e-commerce broker sites bring together industry-specific suppliers and buyers. They act as a safe, reliable and efficient broker for any purchase transaction, taking the hassle out of B2B transactions and making money in the process.

Industry Vertical B2B Portals

Industry vertical B2B portals are more generic than other B2B sites. They provide information on niche or industry products. Users can notify each other or view various product listings in the forum.

Infomediary Sites

B2B e-commerce infomediary sites help maintain industry and trade standards because they provide industry information about specific companies. These are usually industry directories.

How much does B2B web portal development cost?

More than ever, there is a need to invest in B2B e-commerce solutions. B2B businesses such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers are now keen to use intelligent B2B e-commerce platforms to create new sales models while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

B2B portal development company in India

A B2B portal is a platform where businesses can advertise their listings and see people rely on the internet to buy anything, B2B portals are successful if they are SEO friendly, powerful and have a unique strategy. Quicktouch Technologies has 9+ experienced developers who have developed several B2B portals. Currently, online B2B portals are mainly considered a good source for organizations to provide global platforms that offer their products and services in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to increase productivity and functional efficiency. Therefore, to provide you with excellent service, Quicktouch Technologies is a B2B web development company based in Delhi, India to help increase customer awareness and generate more visitor traffic, especially for your business.

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