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How much does responsive web design cost in India?

Creating a responsive website takes more time and professional guidance to create and test compatibility for different devices. The cost of creating a responsive website in India depends on:

So overall, if it is a pre-existing website and you need to make it responsive, its cost starts from ₹5000 INR. If it’s a blog or a business website or a portfolio site, the cost can range from 9000 to ₹ 20,000. If it’s an e-commerce website, the cost of making the site responsive starts at ₹20,000 INR.

What are the types of website design services?

Ecommerce website design

Ecommerce website design falls under website design services. If you want to sell products on your site then this website is best for your business. Ecommerce sites are made to host product pages, add products to carts, and complete transactions. In terms of the best type of web design for an eCommerce website, a responsive and adaptable one is best suited for an eCommerce site.

Landing page design

At Quicktouch, our landing page design services deliver:

Custom website design

With our industry expertise and years of experience, we can help you create web designs that are impeccable and visually appealing. Custom web design services include:

Customized style

Your site should mirror your particular business style and we can make it possible for you. Let us know your business needs, including your customized style, and we’ll let you know the site that speaks to your website.

Custom web design services

Our web designers make sure that your website is fully optimized using the best SEO practices so that it is easy to find. Our custom website designs are so eye-catching that visitors can’t take their eyes off them!

Banner design services

Our designers, after all, understand the requirements of your banner and then create pennants that can be used on a variety of mediums such as websites, mobiles, landing pages, social media, and more.

Our comprehensive service funnel is rich in features such as Custom Responsive web Design, Custom Website Upgradation, Custom Website Security, Custom Web Design and Maintenance Solutions, and Website Migration Services.

PSD to HTML conversion service

From PSD to HTML, this is the first step toward creating a great website. HTML is the basic markup language that everyone should follow as the first step in creating a website after completing PSD in Photoshop. Creating a PSD using HTML can make it compatible with all other browsers available in other terms can create a responsive website so that the website looks stunning both on desktop and mobile. At Quicktouch, we transform, or say, we create a dynamic website, from PSD to HTML, with the help of our experienced people. HTML, CSS & Js developers at Quicktouch keep their knowledge base up to date from the 1st HTML version to the latest HTML version and always believe in providing the latest trend conversion services. Sometimes the HTML developer has to do custom HTML coding to meet the client’s demand for different browsers and we always fill it with a big smile on our faces. Our team can design and develop responsive layouts and bootstrap-based projects with JavaScript features.

Web app design services

Web application design services cover a variety of features, including UX, UI, and responsive design. Quicktouch provides the best website design services that help companies create new apps or redesign existing ones. Our web application design services include:

Web Application UX design

Our UX Designers help you create a seamless user experience while interacting with your products, creating deliverables such as user research, user travel, data architecture, prototyping, wireframes, UX flow, and more.

Web Application UI design

Our UI designers ensure that a company’s brand, personality, and identity are reflected in every aspect of a company’s product design, paying particular attention to details such as color palettes, grids, typography, layouts, icons, and images in the user interface.

Web Application Responsive design

Our responsive designers provide user-friendly web applications that are optimized for mobile, desktop, and other devices and platforms.

What do web design services include in packages?

Our web design package includes several services classified into three sections Design, Optimization, and Extras.

Best Website Design Company in Delhi

Quicktouch Technologies based in Delhi ensures that the entire technical part is handled flawlessly and appreciates the creative design of WebPages with the fast-loading speed and error-free functionality. Every little design element and detail of the website has been carefully chosen so that the conversions can be carried out to skyrocket. Website designing company in Delhi ensures that your website has a responsive, trendy design, built with customers at the center to give your business brand a proper presentation. Our team of professional designers excels at delivering and deploying powerful websites and applications that present impressive web presences and help countless businesses have meaningful online presences.

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