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Why should I build my website on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that allow you to create a store from scratch without a lot of development experience. Shopify allows you to quickly deploy your online store for your targeting markets.

Why chooses Shopify

If you are just starting as an internet entrepreneur, the question of creating a store is not the only item on your list. Of course, the first question that bothered you was – what exactly should I sell? In the beginning, the dropshipping model should be considered. Dropshipping is an entrepreneurial business model that connects suppliers and ends consumers. In this model, you, or rather your store, mediate between two links. You may not have a warehouse, you may not see the product yourself, but you are in business. Shopify is the simplest model for organizing your first steps in an international business.

Shopify benefits

Shopify is by far one of the best and most powerful established store builders for international online sales. Unfortunately, however, some payment methods are not available in certain locations. Be sure to check the options available in your location. Perhaps soon, mature solutions in these areas will appear.

How much does a custom Shopify website design cost?

The Basic Shopify plan costs $29 or ₹2200 per month which allows you to create a fully functional website and provides an SSL certificate. It allows you to update your store with an unlimited number of products and is a smartphone app that allows you to process orders and receive payments. For some reason, the perfect and best-selling plan Shopify is priced at $79 or ₹5,900 per month. Shopify’s premium plan is priced at $299 or ₹22,126 per month. This is the perfect plan for companies taking their online eCommerce business to the next level. It encapsulates all the features of the Basic and Shopify plans and sets the stage for your grander eCommerce adventures. Shopify Lite plan is priced at $9 or ₹700 per month and allows you to build your entire business with Facebook and Messenger integration. It’s perfect for small-scale individuals looking to build a digital business without a website, or even for those looking to consolidate sales on an existing website. Priced at $2,000 (Rs 150,000) per month, this fully customizable plan lets you easily create and manage your eCommerce store at scale.

Hire a Shopify developer from Quicktouch Technologies

Shopify eCommerce Development

Our Shopify Certified Developers can help Shopify install, configure, and integrate solutions that help your business achieve its eCommerce goals quickly and easily.

Integration Services

Whether it’s a payment gateway, adding custom functionality, third-party apps, or APIs, our Shopify integrations have you covered.

Migration Services

Need a safe and secure migration of your existing shopping portal to the Shopify platform? Done by our Shopify programmers.

eCommerce Store Development and Customization

Want to start an eCommerce store from scratch but don’t know where to start? Hire a Shopify developer to build one using a custom approach.

Theme Development

With an efficient team of Shopify certified developers, we have successfully curated responsive, user-friendly, and interactive Shopify themes.

Maintenance Services

Whether it’s a small bug or optimizing the overall performance of your eCommerce store, our Shopify expert developers can provide you with the ongoing technical assistance you need.

Best Shopify Website Design and Development in India

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