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What is custom website designing?

Custom web designing is the process of learning and understanding your business, and applying a good process of strategies, user experience, design execution, programming, and marketing to build a successful online business presence. Custom web design beyond just the color scheme, images, and fonts of your website.

Does my business need a custom website?

Is the lack of profit in your online business bothering you? Time to get a custom web design to help you grow your business. Increasing your online presence is a top priority if you want to maximize your profits. In today’s world, people spend more time peering at their phones and computers than at the outside world. If you are going to make more profit, then you need a solid foundation for your online business. Sometimes, even with an attractive landing page or a social media presence, a business may fail to make the profit they expect. Or you may have a business website, but you can find over a thousand similar sites online. Here are some reasons why you need a custom web design to grow your business:

Standing Out

A custom website sets you apart. If your website has a unique design that gives you “X-Factor”, then you will attract more customers to your website. Standing out is crucial if you want to grow your business, and you can hire a custom web designer to give you the unique website you need. Your vision of a great website can become a reality if you choose an experienced website design company like Quicktouch Technologies.

You get what you want

Using an online website-building platform to build your website means there will be a certain layout. Mostly it comes with some features that you don’t need. Not only are you paying for these unnecessary features, but they are also making your website heavier. They may extend your loading time, causing dissatisfied people to leave the site before making a purchase.


How will your target audience remember you? With so many businesses all over the world selling the same type of product, make it unforgettable for your audience. Branding is always a great marketing tactic, especially when it comes to building an image and identity for your business. How do you build and maintain this image? From your office and packaging to your website and your social media accounts, your brand image should shine to the world. Logos, colors, and themes should remain the same everywhere for learning associations and memory. Your custom website will help boost your brand reputation. Every visitor who stumbles on your website will be impressed, know and remember your brand.

Growth and change

Custom web designers understand that a business is an evolving entity. An enterprise will grow and grow, and future business development and surrounding technologies need to adapt to changes. By customizing your web design, you’ll find that there’s plenty of room to make changes. Most businesses offer room to make changes as needed if you ask for it. Also, they build your website in hopes of a profitable future, thus ensuring that your website can handle a higher inflow of traffic. With a custom design, you have the flexibility to make changes as needed and provide space that caters to a wider audience when needed. Some web designers may even offer you free or discounted website maintenance for a while.

Security and Speed

The problem with building a website with an off-the-shelf platform is that if one page is compromised, the entire platform can be compromised. Therefore, when using an open-source CMS platform, you are exposing your website to unnecessary danger. Security is a key reason why custom web design and hosted eCommerce platforms are better than open-source CMS websites. With website design and software managed by experts, you can achieve a safer online presence. Speed ​​is another issue with some CMS platforms. They have millions of users making pages using their platform, making the platform itself content-heavy and slow. Traffic doesn’t stop at a slow website, and it leaves before your business converts it into paying consumers.

SEO supportive website

Search engine optimization is crucial if you want to get more traffic and conversions on your website. Without SEO, customers won’t find you when browsing their search engines to find your business products and services. Professional and experienced custom web designers can provide you with SEO-optimized online pages. If you’re building a website from a simple software or platform, you must create SEO content. If you’re not good at generating SEO content, you’re driving your online business to failure. Investing in custom web design can give you an SEO-optimized website that helps you get more profit from traffic and conversions.

Competitors will be hard to replicate

When you enter a market, you allow yourself to be easily copied. Many existing or new competitors in the market will try to copy your work. They copy everything, starting with similar brand logos and advertising, even the packaging and the product itself. A ready-made web template will make your web design very easy to replicate. Sometimes competitors use similar names and websites to attract your customers to their business. Having a competitive advantage over them will make you more of a target. However, a unique website is difficult to replicate. Even if they try to mimic everything, they can’t do it with every component that sets you apart.

Impressed at First Sight

No matter how unique your product is or the quality of service you provide, a first impression means everything. If the traffic that appears on your page finds your site cluttered and difficult to operate, they will leave and won’t return because first impressions mean everything. Customers won’t come back once they’re scared off by your website, and you’ll lose the chance of a successful conversion. Your web designer is getting paid to make your website look impressive for your business needs. Impress your customers from the first visit with your custom web design and keep them coming back.

Your competitors have custom websites

To stay relevant in the market, you have to keep an eye on your competitors. If you do some research on the market, you will find that more and more businesses are relying on custom web design. Companies seeking a competitive advantage know that this initial investment is worthwhile. If all your competitors have custom websites and you opt for a simple solution website, you won’t get many customers in the market. Your website becomes synonymous with your product quality and customer service. People will find your average and lacking website less reliable.

Make the consumer experience worthwhile

Imagine a potential customer showing up on your landing page looking for what they need. They need proper guidance to be nudged to their desired destination. Frustrated, they roamed the site fruitlessly, and they left. As mentioned earlier, customers hate websites that are difficult to navigate. You want to make the consumer experience worthwhile. Therefore, your website needs to be easy to navigate. Customers who quickly find what they want on your website are more likely to stay and browse for other products they might like.

Growing a community for your business

If you look at the websites of large and successful businesses like The Body Shop, Lush, etc., you will see that they effectively use custom websites to communicate with customers and promote their business. Your business can do the same. Big companies know that a business website should look as exciting, inviting, inviting, and comfortable as a real-life store. Just as your store is designed to attract passers-by, so should your website. Your custom website can be an attractive place to effectively communicate your business style and customer service to customers. Use your website to build a consumer community and give customers space to communicate, which will make customers feel more engaged with your business.

Adaptive design

Know that your customers will visit your website through a variety of mediums. Your custom website can cater to these different mediums, making it a more adaptable design. Not only do people use their computers, phones, and tablets, but many even use their smart TVs or home devices for shopping. If your customers can’t access your website through the medium they want, they might try other similar businesses. You want to maintain a competitive advantage in giving your customers what they want.

Build your website around your product

Are you starting a new business or launching a new product and want your website to help launch? Gaining your online presence while running a business or launching a product is a brilliant idea. A good custom web designer not only provides you with an attractive website, but they often work with a team to help you achieve your goals of success. If you’re launching a product, they can help you build a website to help with the product launch. Your new products are highlighted in the right way, helping your business achieve its product launch goals.

How much should a custom web design cost?

The budget for your custom website depends entirely on your needs and requirements. The more features, the higher the cost. For an informational custom website, the cost can range from $1,000 to $20,000. For dynamic websites, the scope can be increased. A custom website design can cost more than ₹60,000 for a small design website and more than ₹70,000 for an eCommerce website.

Custom Website Designing Company in India

Quicktouch Technologies has taken the lead as the best web design company and is based in Delhi, India. It provides the ultimate solution for web design, web development, Digital marketing solutions, and various custom web design Services nationwide. We offer web-based services that are designed with thorough research and thoughtful strategies. We promise 100% customer satisfaction solutions to deliver the same quality first. Our team provides complete value for creating innovative designs with user-friendly front-end interfaces. When working with a great web design company, we know exactly what our clients are looking for. That’s why; “Trust” and “Loyalty” have been two important aspects of communication between our clients and us for over a decade and will always be present in our future endeavors.

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