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What are WooCommerce development services?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for the well-known WordPress CMS that has become a buzzword these days. Additionally, it significantly improves the user experience (UX) as navigating between screens, finding products, paying, and checking out is quick and easy. WooCommerce Development is an extension that helps to run eCommerce websites better. WooCommerce significantly enhances the UX and UI of a website, and as a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce is easy to use and operate. WooCommerce offers countless powerful features such as up-selling and cross-selling, geographic taxation, smart tracking, and more.

Why a WooCommerce website is important for small businesses?

Using WooCommerce for small businesses brings many advantages to small business owners:

Free for Beginners

When you start a business, your budget is tight. You need to be extra careful with every penny you spend. So, one of the core reasons for WooCommerce’s popularity among small businesses is that it’s free. You can build an online business on WooCommerce and use the free version of the WooCommerce plugin it offers. It also comes in various premium versions, which you can also buy if you wish! Comparing WooCommerce with other eCommerce platforms will prove very clearly that it is relatively cheaper and more economical. This helps new businesses conduct specialized trials at an early stage. Initially, startups have limited budgets. So, using the free plugin version of WooCommerce is a great help for beginners. Since it’s open-source, WooCommerce provides and offers many different options to tweak the source code.

WooCommerce Benefits

Another great feature of WordPress and WooCommerce is their ease of use. You can easily add products, set up payment and shipping processes, and you’re good to go. Even users with the most basic knowledge can handle all the features of WooCommerce without any additional help. Pressing the publish button will instantly amaze you with how everything works, and it turns out it works with WooCommerce. Additionally, it offers a plethora of plugins and extensions, which shows that small business owners can create their custom store on the WordPress platform.


The keys to running a successful business today include understanding your customers or target audience from the inside out. WooCommerce for Small Businesses has its analytics feature that can give you a lot of information about your visitors. You need to carefully develop your marketing strategy and meet the needs of your target audience and customers. If you have thousands of visitors but no conversions, it’s time to focus on the graph and see what exactly is the problem. In addition, analyzing traffic is an important part of the overall business process and must be watched continuously.


In this day and age, quick results are very important. Customers are often impatient with the need to shop through eCommerce sites. If your website slows down before customers pay, the chances of cart abandonment are high. So, when WooCommerce is combined with a good hosting provider, performance bottlenecks can be eliminated. This is important for small business owners, as minimal performance delays can cost them a lot of time.

Supports every product

Some things, such as wine, pets, etc., are not available on every eCommerce platform. So, if you build your website on WooCommerce, chances are you will be able to sell everything. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce can be used to sell anything. Certain products are prohibited in certain locations, so it is recommended that you ensure that you always comply with the laws of your country.

How much does WooCommerce development cost?

If you want to build a basic WooCommerce site it cost you around ₹8,416, a mid-range WooCommerce would come at a price range of ₹22,900+, and an advanced WooCommerce can be available at a cost of ₹114,760+.

WooCommerce development cost depends on the following features:


The estimated cost of ₹530 per month for a basic site, ₹685 for a mid-range site, and ₹990 for an advanced site

Domain name

The estimated cost of ₹1,150 per year


Free for the basic and mid-range sites; ₹2,678 – ₹9,870 for professional themes


For a basic site and mid-range site, transaction fees are dependent on sales volume. For an advanced site transaction fees depend on transaction volume, plus ₹7,650 – ₹30,600 per year for scalable features.


For a basic site, plugins are freely available. For a mid-range site, plugins are available at a cost of ₹1,913 – ₹7,650 per year and for an advanced site, it is available at ₹7,650 – ₹34,428 per year.


For Basic site: ₹765 per year; For mid-range site: ₹11,476 per year; For advanced site: ₹11,476 – ₹34,428 per year.

Development charges

For a basic site and a mid-range site, there are no charges for development. For an advanced site, the development charge ranges from ₹76,500 – ₹459,000.

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