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Best Software Development Company in Delhi

We have a large pool of experienced and skilled professional developers with expertise in various technologies and tools. Regardless, which technique you would like us to use in our team of experts will provide the best results there. Seek to develop strong software development solutions? The developers of Quicktouch technologies are subject matter experts in their respective technologies. They leverage their experience and expertise to provide best-in-class software development solutions.

How much does custom software development cost in India?

Cost for custom software development services in India starting range from $ 5,000USD. Apart from the cost benefits offered by the Indian outsourcing market, some unavoidable benefits are:

Without knowing the scope of the project, it is impossible to accurately determine the software development cost.

Low range software

Applications that handle simple tasks are widely built. Such applications are built on top of databases and operate with simple calculations. These apps can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 approx.

Medium range software

It covers applications with some compelling features, such as publishing reports, tracking performance, and notifying client browser activity. These apps cost between $25,000 to $2, 50,000 approx.

High range software

Here comes enterprise software, it can be a SaaS solution or any large complex web development project. These can cost upwards of $250,000.

It is impossible to estimate the cost of a custom application without actually analyzing the requirements specification and scope of the project. But roughly, we can classify any product with prior experience. For popular products, developing custom software will cost between $5,000 and $2, 50,000 approx.

What are the types of Software Development services?

Mobile app development

Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device and a simple mobile application using a network connection to work with remote computing resources. Therefore, the mobile development process involves creating installable software bundles (code, binary, and resources), implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing applications on target devices. Quicktouch has extensive experience creating high-performance, digitally transformative, and feature-rich native mobile applications for Android and IOS devices.

Android app development

Android application development is the process of developing mobile applications for devices running the Android operating system. Android applications are written using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) with the help of languages ​​such as Java, Kotlin, and C++. Our Android application developers have years of experience designing custom, stable, fully functional, and futuristic mobile applications for the entire family of Android devices.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development is the creation of a single app that can run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iPhone Operating systems (iPhone OS). When developers create hybrid software, they include a single code bar for all platforms. This means they only have to write the code once and then be able to run it anywhere. Quicktouch is a professional web and mobile app development service provider. We offer custom hybrid app development services for businesses and start-ups to effectively engage users.

IOS app development

IOS app development is the process of making mobile apps for Apple hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The software is written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C and then placed on the App Store for download by users. Our iOS app development services include UX and UI design, implementation, quality assurance, and integration of iPhone and iPad apps.

Game app development

Game app development is the process of translating game ideas into mobile platforms. A mobile game is built through several stages of planning, production, testing, and release.

Hire software developer

The process of software development is complicated from the beginning to the final product, but you can easily hire freelance software developers to meet the needs of your project on Quicktouch. Hiring a freelancer for your software project has many benefits if you choose to bring your business to life with the help of software development. If you are looking for experienced software programmers to work on your projects, you can easily search on our freelance platform and hire them today. No matter what type of technical developer you are looking for, you can find top talent and software experts with our services.

What has been included in software development services?

Custom Application Development Services

We rely on our technical expertise and specialized industry experience to create any type of web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid app tailored to your business needs.

QA and Software Testing Services

Extensive quality assurance is built into our custom software service model, but we can also provide a suite of on-demand QA and functional and usable software testing on request.

App Maintenance Services

Our application maintenance and modernization services are designed to ensure the scalability, performance, and sustainability of your entire software infrastructure as your business expands.

API Integration Services

We build and implement custom APIs for all types of applications, helping to add functionality to your software system and facilitating communication between your application and other applications.

IT Security Services

Our comprehensive threat audits help us identify the most pressing vulnerabilities in your software infrastructure, allowing us to integrate the encryption, security services, and access protocols you need.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

We implement powerful data backup and recovery strategies for cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid servers, designed to ensure the integrity of your data and the continuity of your business.

Software Deployment Services

Our implementation experts will work with your IT team to set up detailed software installation objectives and timelines, configuration, testing, project management, problem-solving, and more.

Infrastructure Support Services

We provide overall IT infrastructure support, including help desk management, custom messaging and collaboration, network management, and systems administration services.

Software Migration Services

We perform cloud-based transfers, system upgrades, and other important software modernization services, often prioritizing system uptime and data integrity during drastic IT changes.

System Integration Services

Integrating your applications is not just about making sure your different systems work together.

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