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Content Writing is a procedure for writing, modifying, and producing content for digital marketing goals. The content writing consists of writing articles, blog posts, case studies, newsletters, email marketing, e-books, etc. These contents are specifically written for social media platforms, brands, and businesses.

Content Writing Services

  1. Article/ Blog writing

  Clear and good quality writing is the two main purposes of any article/blog writing. After understanding the exact need of the client is the sole intention of our article/blog writer.  Our content is written in a way that influences the targeted people. Article/blog writing is one of the best services of our content writing. Professional article/blog writing helps any business or brand to gain more audience and boost their business in the market. 

It is the main motive of our writers that they will fulfill the needs of our clients. A well-written article will always help your business to stand out from the competition. Put up articles/blogs on your website daily will help you get more sale for your website.

  1. Website Content Writing

Today we all know that the internet is growing day by day. Anything on the internet doesn’t need any kind of promotion. Web content writing is the most influential way for audiences. Web content writing should be crystal clear, straightforward forward, and meet the client’s requirements. Our team of experts gives their hundred percent by providing the best quality internet content. Writing is a potential way of influencing people by providing them with exact and true information about the website. 

  1. Brand Based Content writing

Brand Based content writing is especially for any brand or business promotion.  Content is written about the brand and the services they provide. Well-written content is used to build trust in the customers. After reading high-quality content, it influences them to persuade for brand’s services. Content will be unique every time. Always be ready to tell your stories to your customers. Be transparent about the information you are providing.

  1. Academic Content Writing

Academic content writing is used to help those students who don’t have time to complete their projects and assignments. This writing is also known as educational writing. The subject matter expert writes exactly according to the client’s needs. Our services are pocket-friendly and also help you to submit your assignment and project before the deadline.

  1. Technical Content Writing

Technical writing is one of the toughest and most critical pieces of writing. This writing is all about software and its functions. Technical writing needs a high exploration examination, clear agenda to write the content. It is necessary that the writer will provide every piece of information clearly and also check each blunder before writing.

  1. Content re-writing services

This service is used to re-write the old content with freshness and new techniques. It is used to redecorate the old content into new and makes it more interesting for new readers. The motive for rewriting is to convert the content into a whole new form with a new touch of language. At some point, we need to refurbish our content to gain new readers.

How much do content writing services cost?

At our Quicktouch Technologies, the price of content services starts from Rs.1 per word. It is not the exact amount of the content but if your requirement is level up then the cost will depend on the customized content only.

Best content writing services in India

Quicktouch Technologies is the best content writing service provider company all over India. Our company has 9 years of experience in digital marketing. We offer so many services like SEO service, PPC service, Landing page, IOS app developmentFacebook advertising, content marketing, video marketing, and many more. Our team members are professional and expertise in this field. We deliver the best quality of content with a clear and direct motive that influences the targeted audience. Our content is well-researched and fully informatic with all details. We provide the keywords that will also increase your SEO on a website. So if you are looking for the best content writing services, you are in the perfect place which is far away from your beliefs.

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