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How much does digital marketing cost in Delhi?

Digital marketing services would cost around starting from ₹ 10,000 based on digital marketing pricing and budget, given the size of your company and the scale of your projects.

What has been included in Digital Marketing services?

How do we work? (Our Digital Marketing expert)

As the best digital marketing service provider in Delhi, we will meet the digital marketing needs of your business by implementing and managing innovative strategies to market your products and services online to increase your sales and revenue. We can do everything from managing your social media accounts to redesigning your website or optimizing your pages and content for search engines. So, where can I find a digital marketing agency near me? How do I get started with a digital marketing agency? If you’re asking these questions right now, we’ve got you covered. Quicktouch is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and more, that can help you take your business to the next level.

Digital marketing services for your Business

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a digital marketing service where advertisers pay a fee every time their ads get clicked. It is a way to buy visitors to your site instead of trying to get those visitors organically. The main advantages of refined PPC services from Quicktouch are lead generation, better conversions, and maximizing ROI. We prioritize PPC services through a data-driven approach to create unique and valuable opportunities to optimize your brand’s connections with existing and potential customer bases.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business on Google and other search engines. The more visible your pages are in search results, the more likely you are to gain attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business. In 2022, SEO is no longer about ranking for trending terms; it’s about being discovered when it matters most. Our skilled SEO experts carefully research the right keywords for your business to ensure you get qualified traffic that converts into profit.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is about using social media platforms to build your brand, increase sales and connect with your visitors to drive website traffic. This includes publishing great content on your social media profile, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media ads. Here are the key benefits of social media marketing we can provide you:

Facebook Advertising

Facebook stands out as the most effective digital advertising channel. Facebook is 7 times cheaper than the next most affordable social media advertising channel Twitter.Facebook ads are now one of the most effective tools that can help you expand your business, cultivate loyal customers, and generate leads and sales. With over 3 million businesses now advertising on Facebook, now is the perfect time to start. At Quicktouch, we offer Facebook ad management services to help your business get the most out of Facebook. From developing strategy and ad creativity to launching an ad and monitoring its performance, we offer an all-in-one solution for Facebook advertising.

Content Writing & Marketing

Content writing is the implementation of a content marketing concept by creating content for use on web pages, blogs, social media, and other marketing parallels. Content marketing is an overall plan of ways to use content to create leads and increase sales. Content marketers provide a roadmap while content writers create a roadmap based on research and effectively written content. At Quicktouch we provide content writing and content marketing services including:

Website Copy Writing

Attractive website content can put your website above and beyond the competition which is why it is a very important area of ​​focus when marketing a website. Our website content writing services will ensure that your visitors stick to your website. We can help you take your content to a whole new level by capturing the eyes of your website visitors.

Blog Writing Services

One of the most important areas a company can focus on when trying to attract new customers is blog writing and marketing. With our blog content writing service, we can help you maintain your blog by delivering new blog content on a schedule of your choosing. our blog is the voice of your business so make that voice be heard far and wide to rise above the chaos online. A well-written blog post, optimized for search, could bring you traffic for an indefinite amount of time. We have many different flexible blog writing services depending on your budget and resource.

Press Release Writing Services

Writing a press release is one of the most effective ways to disclose information about any company to the public. Our press release writing services will ensure that your PR gets the maximum visibility possible to attract your target audience. As with most writing endeavors, there needs to be a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship.

Article Writing Services

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your industry, our space writing articles are one of the most effective ways to accomplish this task. With a dash of search engine optimization, a splash of personality, and hints of professional-quality writing, your article can draw attention to your business search.

WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing is a type of messenger marketing, which means promoting a brand through WhatsApp. This channel helps brands reach large audiences, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales. Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business:

WhatsApp Marketing allows you to stay connected with your customers, and more than half of WhatsApp users check the app daily. Even better, you can be sure they’ll get your offer because text messages have a 98% open rate. They trust brands with chat apps, with 53% more people saying they will buy from companies they can reach through chat. Our experts understand the wider scope of WhatsApp for Indian marketers, so they strive to provide our clients with the best WhatsApp marketing solutions.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management is about addressing any negative or fake reviews you actively monitor for mentions of your brand on websites and social media. The main way ORMs work is to respond to negative reviews from online customers and to reports in the media (both social and traditional) that put your company at a disadvantage. Our ORM specialist services provide a wide range of services:

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform with all the features of a great marketing opportunity provider. Not surprisingly, about 57 million companies have set up their brand companies on LinkedIn.79% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn marketing is an effective source of lead generation. With our help, you can reach the full potential of LinkedIn by targeting decision-makers based on their specific industry, company size, or interest in specialized topics. We develop strategies that allow you to find and connect with these prospects more naturally.

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing where marketers use the Instagram platform to promote their business. Instagram marketing can involve a variety of strategies and tactics, which can be used to achieve all kinds of business goals. When looking at the different ways to use Instagram for marketing, you can divide the activity into two main categories:

Our Instagram marketing services include accurate audience determining, account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting.

Twitter marketing strategy

A Twitter marketing strategy is a plan that focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer’s personality, audience, and followers through social media platforms. With over 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, allowing you to gain massive followings and build lasting connections through your content. At Quicktouch, we help you develop a comprehensive organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy to boost your online reach.

YouTube marketing service

YouTube is the web’s largest video platform, the second largest search engine after Google, and the second-largest social media channel after Facebook. Our YouTube video promotion services include:

Why Quicktouch Technologies is the Best Digital Marketing Company in India for Your Business?

Quicktouch technologies is a trusted digital marketing company in India that has had tremendous success in various industries since 2013 providing unique digital marketing solutions for small, medium, and large-sized businesses across the nation. It offers end-to-end digital marketing services covering email marketing, SEO, SMO, SMM, ORM, LinkedIn marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing strategy, YouTube video promotion service, Facebook Advertising, Content Writing & Marketing, and WhatsApp Marketing. The digital marketing service provider company has 500+ clients across India and 200+ projects have already been done, establishing itself as a leading digital marketing agency in India.

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