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Boost Sales with PPC Advertising (Google AdWords)

With billions of searches performed on Google every day, you can use search advertising to ensure potential customers notice your brand, consider your products and take action. For a search campaign, you need to choose a goal, such as increasing traffic to your website or increasing sales or leads. With pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising, you only pay when your ad gets results, such as when people click on your ad to visit your website or call your business.

Google Ads allows you to create and share timely ads (on mobile and desktop) with your target audience. This means your business will show up on search engine results pages (SERPs) when your ideal customers are looking for products and services similar to yours through Google Search or Google Maps. This way, you can reach your target audience when they see your ad.

PPC can increase sales of your business. However, it depends on the PPC management, how much sales can be generated using PPC advertising. Generating sales involves copywriting techniques, ad copy, landing pages, emotional headlines, call-to-action buttons, and more. Also, website traffic is not always required to generate sales. There are many more ways to increase sales. Email marketing is one of the best strategies for reaching customers with your product or service. In PPC marketing, we use the sales funnel technique to collect emails, conduct email marketing, and finally do remarketing to get the audience to act further.

To increase your Google Ads sales, you need to add negative keywords to low-performing campaigns or ad groups. This includes ads with low click-through rates or high-cost ads that generate little or no conversions.

What is Pay per click (PPC)?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying traffic to your website, rather than trying to gain that traffic organically.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in sponsored links in search engines when someone searches for keywords related to their business products. For example, if we bid on the keyword “PPC software,” our ad might appear at the very top of Google’s results pages. We have to pay a small fee to search engines each time our ad is clicked, sending a visitor to our website. When PPC is working properly, the fees are insignificant because the value of the access exceeds what you pay for it. For example, if we pay $3 to get a click, but the click results in a $300 sale, then it will be a huge profit for us.

What type of advertising is PPC?

The types of PPC are below:

Search ads

The most common types of search ads can be found on Google, although Bing has its own. If you search for something, you will notice them at the top and bottom of your organic search results – they are identifiable by their little “ad” logo (Google changes its style quite often, but if you look, the tags always are there for it).

By participating in auctions to advertise your business here, you can place ads as soon as people search for your product or service. Google ads are curated and organized through the AdWords interface, where you can conduct keyword research and create targeted campaigns to capture all possible search traffic for your business. This form of PPC advertising is a proven method of returning results that replace organic rankings that can take a significant amount of time to achieve.

Display ads

Display ads show your ads on all Google partner sites on the Internet. Targeting for display ads is a bit different than for search ads because you can target specific types of people to see your ad. You can choose your exact target market, choose people who have visited similar websites before, or hand-pick relevant industry websites to show your ad on. This allows you to fine-tune who sees your ad and where it appears to make the most of your investment. By using both image and text ads, you can increase your company’s brand awareness across the web in a visual and engaging format.

Social ads

If connecting with customers on social is your preferred way of marketing your products, then social media advertising may be for you. You can place ads on your target audience’s newsfeed, or their social places. You don’t even need large social media to advertise, you just need an account. You can create ads on most social platforms, but mainly Facebook (which also has Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn. With a successful social advertising strategy, you can increase your brand awareness in a super shareable environment. With social media ads, you can choose what you share, and you can choose to promote just about anything. You can send people to landing pages, lead generation forms, or just highlight what you want more people to see. Getting the right imagery and targeting is a key part – you want the right people to see your ad, and you want them to be interested enough to click on it.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing campaigns show ads to users who have previously visited your website. Since users have already shown some form of interest in your business, remarketing campaigns are a very lucrative PPC campaign. It is often used to attract customers who are about to switch back into the sales funnel to your existing customer base or to upsell or cross more products to your existing customer base. Remarketing campaigns using Google Ads typically show image ads to users as they browse sites belonging to the Google Display Network. However, you can also use an image or video ads to remarket to users.

Video ads

Video advertising is increasingly becoming an important part of digital marketing. 85% of businesses use video as part of their marketing efforts, and 92% say it is an integral part of their marketing efforts. Online video is expected to account for more than 84% of all consumer traffic by 2022. The advantage of paid video ads over organic video ads is that you can put your video in front of people who don’t currently know your business or follow you. You don’t have to build an audience first.

YouTube can be a good platform for using video ads. It looks like a lot of advertisers using PPC ads are already using Google Ads, so it’s easy to start advertising on YouTube. This is because you can use Google Ads to display paid video ads on YouTube.

Shopping ads

Shopping campaigns allow ads to appear on search engines, just like search campaigns. However, unlike Search campaigns, Shopping ads include an image, price, title, and product description of the product being sold. Shopping campaigns can be created by e-commerce businesses that own products rather than services.

Shopping campaigns can be one of the most lucrative parts of a business PPC advertising job. This is because the user has already seen the picture and price of the product. They know more about the product before clicking and scamming you out for some money. This means that Shopping campaigns generally have higher conversion rates than search campaigns.

Paid social ads

Paid social advertising involves showing ads to people as they browse social media sites. Many paid social platforms offer PPC advertising services. Advertisers looking to do Instagram PPC can do so easily in the Facebook PPC Ads section. This is because Facebook owns Instagram, allowing advertisers to use Facebook ads to expand their ad reach by easily adding Instagram as an additional placement in their ad campaigns.

Paid social allows the creation of many types of PPC ad campaigns. You can choose to run remarketing campaigns on paid social platforms or select leads on paid social platforms. Paid social platforms also offer ad types in a variety of sizes and sizes. Many paid social advertising platforms will allow you to create video and image ads.

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Gmail Sponsored Ads allow businesses to advertise on Gmail. They can be created in Google Ads, which means advertisers with Google Search, Shopping, or Display campaigns can easily expand to Gmail Sponsored Ads. With Gmail Sponsored Ads, users see ads that look a lot like regular emails. Once users click on the ad, they are taken to an expanded version of your ad. From here; they can choose to click through to your website.

What’s included in PPC Services?

PPC services include:

Why PPC is important for business?

Every time someone clicks on one of their ads, the company can pay here. A higher budget will make your result better, sometimes faster. PPC helps you gain brand awareness quickly, while your SEO strategy helps organically improve your website rankings. It enables your business to thrive and surpass others. Now, it may take some time and money, but in the long run, PPC will put you ahead of the competition. After at least a month of PPC advertising, you should be able to see a difference in your business. This could be an increase in customers, more phone calls, or more visits to your website. After a few months, you’ll be able to compare your data and get a better idea of ​​where each campaign’s budget should be.

The two types of PPC are Google Ads and Google Local Ads. These two advertising tools will benefit you and your company by driving more website traffic and more conversions. Conversion is what you want. You’re paying Google to keep your business ahead of the rest on search engine results pages (SERPs). Paying higher positions can give you leverage. You can create ads exactly how you want, with no guesswork. Then, you “bid” on keywords to win positions at the top of the SERPs. Conversions translate into revenue for your business. Google Ads can also increase your business’s brand awareness.

How much does it cost to run a PPC campaign?

In 2022, the average small and medium business (SMB) will spend between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on PPC. PPC pricing is dynamic and always changing. Whether you’re new to advertising with PPC or a seasoned veteran, this page will help you understand the cost of PPC, gain insight into PPC overhead, and how to set the best budget for your campaign.

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