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What are travel technology companies?

Travel technology refers to the use of technology to organize travel. It assists travel agencies to book vacations for their clients, including air tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and various other travel-related services. With the help of computerized reservation systems (CRS) from hotel and airline partners, travel technology companies can manage anything travel-related in minutes. Every booking system saves and retrieves real-time data, enabling travel agents to communicate more effectively with all parties involved. Travel technology allows consumers to book online without using a travel agency and automates booking, payment, and back-office operations for travel companies.

Why Travel Portal Solution is Important for Travel agents?

A travel portal is as important for running a travel business as it simplifies the production and operation costs of travel agencies. Therefore, if you want to build a strong presence in the travel industry, you must have a healthy website or travel portal. Benefits of online travel portal solutions for travel agents include:

Travel portals provide customers or booking agents with travel information, booking, and all the necessary information they may need during the trip. These travel portals bring information from central servers that give them specific permissions and provide users with the cheapest fare and the best possible service, which users always want. Travel portals can be categorized into some major types of portals like flight booking, holiday packages, car booking, taxi/bus booking, and many more. Users can only search for hotels and book them online They can easily view their account details, booking stage, and seat number. It becomes very easy to book a ticket or cancel a ticket. This is a great way to promote your business and you will find a lot of potential customers through online marketing. It is very helpful for passengers to reserve their flight tickets online or rent a car online for the required time interval.

Various types of Travel portal solutions

B2B Travel Portal Development

The B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine and key label for every travel agent and provides white label solutions to get travel agents and tour operators accessible, including real-time online booking and the best user-friendly booking engine platform. In the need of B2B travel portals, travel agencies have access to the inventory of third-party suppliers who need the best B2B travel portal or B2B travel booking engine, because, with this B2B booking engine, travel agencies have a global presence through a network of sub-agents Sell ​​their travel products and increase their income. B2B travel portal development services include:

B2C Travel Portal Development

B2C Travel Portal is an online travel booking portal that provides online search and booking capabilities, including flight, hotel, tour, transfer, and package modules, enabling global B2C consumers to search and book online. B2C travel portals are key components of travel websites. It is a retail travel portal that enables businesses to sell more products and increase revenue. B2C travel portal development services include:

Hotel Booking Portal Development

Hotel booking portals pave the way for customers to easily book their stays. Your customers can browse things and select rooms and other details before confirming a booking. Our hotel booking portal development services include:

Car Booking Engine Development

A car booking engine system can be created on your current website and allows your customers to search for the availability of the car in real-time, confirming the price and instant booking. A car rental reservation system is a state-of-the-art internet reservation software designed for car rental companies, cab operators, taxi rental operators, and small to large car rental companies. Our car booking engine development services include:

Bus Ticket Booking Software Development

Online bus ticket booking software is launched to solve the problem of buying bus tickets and facilitate the activities for the bus operators. Built-in marketing tools make the development of modern bus ticket booking software much more desirable for business owners. Managing buses and arranging tickets has never been easier for bus operators and travel agencies. On-demand bus ticketing applications allow them to be dynamic with a wide range of customization options to achieve a high hand on services and competitors. Our bus ticket booking software development services include:

Flight Booking Portal Development

A flight booking portal is a web-based system that helps users virtually search and book flight tickets for specific seats from different flights available. The flight booking system automates the booking process to help you book flight tickets online. The flight booking portal works by following a complete process. Let’s understand the process here. You already know that the flight booking engine integrates airline tickets, seat availability, time, and schedule. Thus, the software allows end-users to search and book flight tickets after verifying the price and availability of seats on different flights. This makes the booking process an easy-going task for people. Our flight booking portal development services include:

Tour Package Booking System

The Tour Package Booking System is a travel software that helps travel agents and tour operators keep track of travel activities such as itineraries, booking reports, automatic lists, and schedules. With this software, travel agencies can easily organize tours to manage client data and information such as tour information, back-office activities, bookings, accounting, and reports. A tour booking system or online tour booking website simplifies the booking process for worldwide clients with tour booking quotations that ultimately exclude business bookings and revenue.

What is travel API integration?

Travel API integration gives easy and transparent access to thousands of third-party travel offers. This is the chance to become the online destination of choice for travelers and partners by offering multiple travel products as separate services or packages. Travel API integration is used for:

Travel API providers

Flight Booking API

The Flight Booking API is a set of web services for accessing flight transactions from various flight suppliers and consolidators. The Flight API enables airlines, travel agencies, tour companies, and tour operators to access global flight transactions and content, such as round-trip, en-route, multi-city, and group booking combinations. Quicktouch is the leading Flight API provider, providing the best Flight API integration solutions to Airlines, travel agencies, and tour companies worldwide. We offer flight API integration in existing or new travel websites. The Flight API integration connects travel agencies with global airline inventory, helping businesses increase revenue.

Hotel Booking API

The Hotel Booking API is a web service that provides online functionality for searching and booking hotels. These hotel APIs manage room rates, availability, and various accommodations, enabling you to provide your customers with the best options for their ideal stay in a specific city. It will execute on your travel portal and integrate multiple payment gateways, improving customer experience. Ouicktouch offers a hotel API that is developed on the travel agency’s existing travel portals according to their needs and fetches hotel data from global hotel suppliers to simplify the hotel search and booking process to provide the best customer experience.

Car Booking API

The Car Booking API is a software component of a car rental service provider’s website that allows travel agencies to search for quality car deals and manage car rental reservations. We provide you with access to our automotive API, which once integrated into your website will allow your customers to access our files. Our fast, easy, and flexible car booking API connects you directly to all the inventory you need to build a top-notch travel website or mobile app.

Bus Booking API

The Bus Booking API is a software solution that helps travel portals provide real-time bus search data for a location so travelers can get what they want. Our fast, simple and flexible bus API connects you directly to all the inventory you need to build a travel website or app according to your requirements.

What is the approximate cost of Travel Portal Solution and Travel API Integration?

Whether you want an online travel portal for flight bookings, hotel bookings, transport reservations, or anything else, you have to pay between $3000 and $20000 for an online travel portal. The cost of an online travel portal depends more on SEO and the digital marketing packages of different companies. You can expect the minimum to maximum pay according to your needs.

API/GDS is a network of connections between third parties and booking agents. Flight booking systems are often associated with XML integration. It is API/GDS that provides travel-related services to end-users. A basic GDS/API integration with a flight reservation system typically costs between $6,000 and $9,000. Integrating a GDS such as Amadeus with your booking engine may incur an additional 25% of the above charges.

Best Travel Portal Development Company in India

As India’s leading online travel portal development company, Quiktouch is responsible for complete travel portal development, cloud travel technology solutions, travel booking engine development, travel booking software, best B2B and B2C travel portal development, hotel booking systems, GDS/XML/ API Integration, Airline Booking Software Design, Android/iPhone Application Development Company located New Delhi. Sell ​​your travel inventory for our clients so that their travel booking engine software is on par with any of their competitors.

Often customers do not know the best wholesaler for their target market. Quicktouch not only connects them with the most affordable suppliers but also negotiates guaranteed funding on their behalf. As a travel portal development company, we keep a hawkish eye on emerging areas of travel and do our best to launch innovative travel booking engine software every time.

We try to build a travel booking engine software that includes all the features scattered around the world. To this end, we carefully select wholesalers and recommend them to our customers. As India’s leading online travel portal development company, we understand our responsibilities.

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