CRM Development


“ The secret to a good customer relationship”

At Quicktouch Technologies we help you grow your relationship with your customers by providing you with this amazing CRM software. CRM software stands for Customer Resource Management, it helps any business or company to provide customers special and flawless experience. Also, it helps to form a trustworthy relationship with the customers by offering them all services like connecting with them, tracking down your sales, etc.

Features of CRM

1. Contact Management: It helps you to track down all the contacts, email addresses, customer’s contact details, accounts, etc.

2. CRM Dashboard: Yearly or monthly you can easily take a look at your customers, sales, and funnel reports on a communal graphical control panel.

3. Account Management: You can run your accounts in the same place with the company’s details, and contact numbers and also examine data.

4. Database Management: Run all details of the company like emails, and contacts in a centralized space.

5. Customer Management: Easily check the customer’s all details like the client’s contact number, and email addresses in one place and also check the interactivity with the customer.

6. Sale Management: You can check clients and entire sales in one place and also differentiate it.

7. Web to lead: Assemble and seize leads right straight from the website and upload them on CRM software leads management.

8. Deals Management: Easily take a look at gain customers, deals, etc at different places.

9. Reports & Analytics: You can check sales, customers, and deals on a graphical platform.

10. Notifications: Receive notifications about sales, appointments, form submissions, daily reports, etc.

11. Project Management: It can control project time, details, and testimonials for the whole group from the control panel and enhance organization.

12. Forcast Management: You can check trade vs. calculations, and encounter sales goals in a productive way.

13. Lead Management: Seize leads from different places websites, contact details, etc and classify them as per lead rank.

14. Document Management: Documents can easily sync and stock online.

15. Product Management: Add on products and check sales and you can also display your products online.

16. User Management: It helps executives to control or observe users’ access and also you can add or remove them.

17. Admin Dashboard: Add/remove/correct, View client’s reports, check emails, etc.

18. Rest API: API helps developers to interconnect with websites and also mail and connect data.

19. Frontend Website: React.js shows a full website with every piece of information with the customer’s contact details also.

20. Ticket Management: Customer care service control all customer’s requests and keep records in one place.

21. Calendar: Make online appointments and track down meetings, events, etc.

22. File Manager: The administrator has the potential to upload files, pdfs,

Benefits of CRM

1. Enhance the client’s control and rewards
2. Direct get marketing achievement
3. Increase business achievement
4. Self-operating daily functions

What is the cost of CRM Web Development?

Cost of the CRM web development depends on the plans and requirements of the customers.

Best CRM service in India

Quicktouch technologies is the best CRM web development service provider in India. Our company was established in 2013 with a team of experts. We provide different other services like Web Design and Development, IOS App Development, Landing Page Design, Facebook Advertising, Whatsapp Marketing, Content Writing Services, SEO services, etc. We offer our customers budget-friendly deals. We also offer customized software.


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