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We are an IT-based company that provides web hosting services. Web hosting is internet assistance offered by companies who trade or give space on rent on a server where customers can reserve their files that help their website approachable on the internet. It is used for small to big websites.

Types of Web Hosting

Single Web Hosting

Single Website Hosting provides services to customers that help them to build and preserve the website and make it available around the world. This hosting is applicable for new small startups.

Benefits of Single Web Hosting
  1. GIT Access
  2. Weekly Backups
  3. Access Manager
  4. Plan for Single Web Hosting: Single Web Hosting plan starts from Rs.828 per year.

Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting is the best service package for personal websites to secure them from attacks.

Benefits of Premium Web Hosting
  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 100 Subdomains
  3. Unlimited FTP Account
  4.  Plan for Premium Web Hosting: Premium Web Hosting plan starts from Rs.1788 per year.

Business Web Hosting

Business Web Hosting is especially used to upgrade advanced websites for small to big business owners.

Benefits of Business Web Hosting
  1. 100 websites
  2. WordPress stating tools
  3. Unlimited database
  4. Plan for Business Web Hosting: Business Web Hosting plans start from   Rs.3,348 per year

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting service is for small-scale projects. It draws up websites and applications which are approachable by utilizing cloud resources.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting
  1. Adaptable
  2. Faster Speed
  3. 24/7 Expert Help
  4. Plans for Cloud Hosting: Our cloud hosting plan starts from Rs.999 per year.

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