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What is Web development with Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks for website development. It is a powerful tool for the specific needs of building a great CMS or web application. Laravel is used to create websites with MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. Laravel website development simplifies most project tasks, saving time and effort. There are various web development frameworks available in PHP for developing web applications, but Laravel is the most commonly used one. Laravel is a developer-friendly framework with an easily accessible code syntax. It has MVC architecture with many features useful for websites such as fast and intuitive, easy to extend, development speed, authentication, localization, application structure, templates, accessibility, pagination, etc.

How do I hire a Laravel developer?

You can appoint Laravel developers through the following personal recruitment cycle. To perfectly integrate high-end and secure web applications using the Laravel framework, you need to choose the right hiring cycle. Every business has its unique business capabilities and needs. Therefore, you have to focus on some popular recruiting methods to recruit efficient Laravel developers.

Freelance Laravel Developer

You can easily hire freelance developers for your Laravel website to meet the individual needs of your company. While your regular team is already working on long-term projects, you only need Laravel experts for temporary small sites, and then you can choose freelance Laravel developers.

Offshore Laravel Developer

While you need developers with high expertise to handle any complex type of project, you can opt for skilled Laravel developers offshore. But you need to choose a trusted developer and must involve in the NDA signing process of the legal contract. These two things will ensure the security of your project.

Inhouse Laravel Developer

Sometimes a company has a consistent project and their regular professional team needs more professionals, then a long-term in-house Laravel developer might be their best option.

Our top Laravel web developers work extensively to keep customers happy with the quality, competitive pricing, and best practices in Laravel development. We offer the flexibility to size your team, and additional resources that can be quickly added/removed based on your business needs. Feel free to contact us for any Laravel PHP web framework development needs and we can get started right away. Our remote Laravel developers in India can meet your project needs at an affordable cost and fast turnaround time.

Benefits of hiring Laravel developers from us

Hiring a professional Laravel developer allows you to quickly and easily supplement your internal team with Flexi resources. Quicktouch Technologies offers a team of experienced Laravel developers who follow world-class processes and policies to ensure multiple benefits such as high scalability and up to 50% lower cost. Hid full-stack Laravel developers at Hidden Brains, we provide professional Laravel web developers capable of building custom web applications that fit your business needs. Hiring professional Laravel developers from us would benefit you in the following ways:

Why Laravel is the Best PHP framework?

According to BuiltWith Technology Lookup, an estimated 737,000 websites use Laravel as their framework. Here are the reasons why web developers consider Laravel to be the best PHP framework over other PHP frameworks:

Strong security element

The Laravel PHP framework takes security very seriously in its framework. It is an essential part of the database, and the framework guarantees to integrate of security into your web design. The site also uses hashed passwords, ensuring that no passwords are saved in plain text. Therefore, every time a given user logs into the system, an automatic token is generated in encryption using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. This will help avoid unauthorized access to your website. Laravel also prevents injection attacks on the database through its prepared SQL statements. Additionally, you can integrate the following security features into your website that you can find in Laravel.

Object-Oriented Libraries and Strong ORMs

One of the most important features that make Laravel a top PHP framework is its pre-installed object-oriented library. These libraries have powerful features such as password reset, active user monitoring, encryption mechanisms, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and more. Laravel also highlights its Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM), which can help you recover data from your database faster. This feature helps create relationships between database objects that are linked to each other.

Artisan command

Another feature that makes Laravel the leading PHP framework is the command line interface it includes, called Artisan. It allows developers to automate tedious and repetitive programming tasks. Developers can use the tool to generate MVC files and use its commands to manage data configuration. It uses the powerful Symfony Console component to build applications and help with data migration and management.

Database migration

The reason the Laravel framework is the top PHP framework is that it makes database migrations easy. Eloquent resolve any compatibility issues between databases like SQL Server or MySQL. It also ensures a smooth flow when switching databases by changing details about the Laravel configuration.

MVC support

The Laravel framework comes with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) web architecture pattern. It’s easy to use and ideal for building small businesses or wide-ranging applications. When developing projects in PHP, you typically deal with unstructured code. MVC can help you organize a large project with more than five files. It simplifies your coding structure and is easy to maintain. Additionally, MVC support makes it easier for developers to find files in logical directories. With this, developers can control how the application appears after deployment. It also helps them solve problems in a structured way.

Task management and scheduling

When developing applications, certain tasks are often time-consuming. Sometimes these tasks need to be delayed so as not to get in the way of the development process. A perfect example would be sending out a weekly newsletter for all subscribers. Laravel has a unified application programming interface (API) that can defer these tasks to later stages of the application. Laravel’s Command Schedule provides a clean API scheduler for various tasks. You don’t have to SSH into your machine’s terminal, all these scheduled jobs are part of your code.

Automatic packaging system

Businesses require application packaging when deploying software to users. It allows developers to distribute programs to all users, no matter which platform they use. Excellent application packaging helps reduce customer support and maintain corporate standards. Laravel has an automatic package discovery feature, which provides an automatic package discovery option to help users with installation. It enables them to detect that potential package they might want to install contain and disable unwanted features of the package.

Blade Template Engine

Developing programs is often accompanied by tasks that require a template engine to process large amounts of textual data in the application. Template engines link data models, process source template code, and generate output for a specific stream or text file. Laravel features the Blade template engine, a lightweight yet powerful pre-installed template engine that helps developers make the development process smooth with sample layouts. Blade Templating Engine provides its structure to develop and view files containing conditional statements and loops. It also displays data and extends the design without affecting the speed and performance of the program. It also enables developers to create innovative and unique layouts using their featured content seeding.

Efficient test function

Unit testing is essential in the development cycle to ensure that all code meets quality standards before deployment. Fundamentally, Laravel’s functionality allows unit testing to be performed via PHP Unit, the unit testing package for PHP. However, Laravel makes unit testing much easier with its out-of-the-box testing capabilities. After the phpunit.xml file is ready for unit testing, the framework tests its Feature and Unit directories. This feature includes tests to detect and prevent regressions in the framework. Unit tests can be executed via the Artisan command-line utility mentioned above. Programmers can continuously perform unit tests under observation, which is required for software quality control. Additionally, with Laravel, developers can define custom test methods based on specific application needs. They are free to customize features that can reduce or create more advanced unit tests. Laravel can eliminate time-consuming unit tests and make PHP applications bug-free and high-quality.

Laravel is 100% open source

The most notable feature that makes Laravel the best PHP framework is that it is open source and completely free. All in all, the framework offers its users the following benefits, such as:

Developers tend to choose Laravel over other frameworks because of its great features and great community supporting and improving the framework and constantly upgrading it.

Laravel website development cost

In India, a Laravel developer would charge you ₹1,300 – ₹2,000 per hour for building a website based on Laravel. However, costs can significantly change as per the complexity of the project.

Best Laravel Web Development Company in India

Quicktouch Technologies is one of the best Laravel development companies in Delhi, India with 9+ years of experience and expertise in building scalable and secure web applications. We also develop feature-rich applications to make your website user-friendly. We value our customers and their priorities, which is why we are highly focused on addressing their problems. Our team of experts uses the Laravel framework to build user-friendly, stunning, and search-engine-friendly applications. Laravel is in great demand by all medium and large businesses; therefore, we can make your business dreams come true.

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